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Each asbestos case is unique and each victim deserves the right to receive justice and compensation for mesothelioma.

We have represented various victims of mesothelioma and helped them receive justice and compensation for various injuries.

Choosing a Mesothelioma Trial Lawyer

When you have a mesothelioma diagnosis on your hands, one of the important steps to take is retaining the services of an experienced lawyer to represent your interests in seeking compensation from the liable companies.

Mesothelioma cases are very peculiar and often emotional, I mean someone is getting ready to die. Your decision of the lawyer to represent you must, therefore, be taken with all precaution, even though it is a personal decision. The lawyer’s experience, resources, empathy and dedication to your case must be well considered. Mesothelioma lawsuits are cases that significantly affect the plaintiff and plaintiff’s family members whatever the outcome of the case in court.

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How to select best asbestos law firm?

While more than half of mesothelioma law firms are reputable, a few have been sued for fraud or malpractice or even been reprimanded by the courts. Before committing such a sensitive issue as a mesothelioma lawsuit, it’s crucial you take a few moments to evaluate the law firm on these points:

High ratings from the most prestigious independent lawyer rating agencies.

Just like with another form of performance ratings, the legal profession also has independent lawyer rating organizations that also rate mesothelioma lawyers and law firms for performance and ethics. The best known, oldest, and most prestigious lawyer reference is known as Martindale-Hubbel.  Their ratings are sourced and calculated from peer review – that is other lawyers and judges. Firms with Martindale-Hubbel’s highest scores called “AV Preeminent 5.0 out of 5.” are firms you should consider because only a handful of attorneys make this high bar.

Awards or accolades from prominent legal and consumer organizations

You could also ask about possession of any awards or accolades from consumer goods and legal organizations. The more experienced a mesothelioma lawyer or law firm has, the more awards and accolades it is likely to have.

Specific experience with your type of asbestos exposure

There are two kinds of asbestos exposure. There is the primary source for those who had direct asbestos exposure when working on job sites like shipyards, mines, refineries, etc. Then there is the secondary source of exposure for persons who were family members to those who had primary exposure. Primary source people spread the fibrous mineral to the secondary source people through their clothing, tools, and hair. Engaging a lawyer with specific experience in the source of your asbestos exposure is crucial to your lawsuit. Specific experience also includes your location. The reason this is being emphasized is that of the complex nature around the claiming of mesothelioma, the web of liable companies is so intricate you’ll need an expert to guide you through.   A mesothelioma lawsuit is not a time for an internship or allowing someone to “learn on your dime.” moreover time is the most special thing in the life of a patient at that moment.

Possessing the resources to select the appropriate jurisdiction for your case

Asbestos cases are normally heard in a state court. Each state court is different from the other in lawsuit processing speed and the court’s historical values. For plaintiff’s mesothelioma suit to succeed, the ‘nexus’ between the parties in a mesothelioma lawsuit must the established before the court can assume jurisdiction. The complex web of defendants! Means a plaintiff may have more than one defendant to sue and even more than one jurisdiction. This means you’ll need the services of a law firm with several offices in all affected jurisdiction so that you can be advised on the jurisdiction with the highest advantages regarding speed of hearing, the value of compensation to be awarded, and other issues. Not all law firms have these features that make it desirable.

Does the mesothelioma law firm have a successful trial record?

Arming yourself with an attorney or law firm with recent victories in their arsenal could save you lengthy court trials. The defendants would quickly call for a settlement when they realize they stand no chance of success.

Does the asbestos law firm prepare and present cases for individual review to the trust funds? Does the law firm arbitrate with the trust funds if necessary?

Not less than 62 asbestos trust funds, collectively housing around $25 billion have been set up across the country for asbestos victims. Not all funds are available to each victim; it is your lawyer’s duty to inform you about the ones available to you. Exploring arbitration or submitting case review for a case could be a better option to winning a better compensation value. Few law firms explore this, so first find out the law firm you intend hiring if they try these other options.